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Re: Bamboo and calabash trees ! Plant more bamboo and calabash trees! Save our trees!/MYA

Season greetings MYA, I enjoyed reading your poem, which is nothing short of 'par excellence' excuse my impertinence, but I think this 'par excellence' is nothing short of a 'colonial education' - however, it seems that you have omitted the title for your poem.

I have my own 'colonial education' humble contribution, - with regard to this lovely tropical tree. These words entered my head, whilst pondering on the Bamboo and as a 'colonial educated child' I was quick to put pen to paper .. but unlike my colonial educated days I used a biro not an ink fountain pen or pencil for the first draft followed by the fountain pen!.

Bamboo - hallowed be thy sound!

Bamboo, hallowed be thy natural hollow musical sound
To the swaying of the island breeze
giving way to a creaking, gentle knocking sound
Bearing similarities to the painful arthritic joint.

Bamboo, hallowed be thy natural hollow musical sound
Which has been discarded by natives for a digital sound?
or chopped down to make way for a far too big house
maybe for a few folks and probably a mouse!

Bamboo, hallowed be thy natural hollow musical sound
whilst awaiting selection for the bursting, boom, explosive sound.
And, folks ponder when wind patterns make a thunderous roaring sound
At the absences of a hollow musical windbreaker sound!

by Lady Genevieve Jourdaine.

SAVE the BAMBOO NOW! Plant MORE Bamboo trees NOW! Leave the bamboo alone NOW!