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Re: Bamboo and calabash trees ! Plant more bamboo and calabash trees! Save our trees!

Ms. Pa mo, why don't you get a copy of A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE for your daughter to read about the life and times of those "boring" days? She might find herself liking it as much as so many other children of Grenadian/Caribbean immigrants have attested to.
And oh yes, btw, many adults say they can't help laughing as they read about the many characters in the book whom they recall vividly, are brought back to life in full relief.

I am looking forward to reading the comments from both you and your daughter after reading A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE. Enjoy it!!!!

Re: Bamboo and calabash trees ! Plant more bamboo and calabash trees! Save our trees!

Some may say that those things that you all are reminiscing about have long since gone and that we should get used to living in a different world than when we were kids. Surely no one in his right mind would still yearn for a slide rule to be back instead of using a calculator to solve math problems. But spinning cutters, kite flying, making tops etc. are among those things that remind us when children were so very involved with each other long ago. Think about it, could there be any fun in playing marbles all by yourself? How could you play zwill on Brickie if there weren't other kites flying? How could you say "pretty play, who play behind a man back down" without another friend/s also spinning his top?

But do you need a friend to watch a t/v show to really enjoy it all by yourself? Not really. The need for interaction therefore becomes far less important and with it the need to develop true friendships. I believe that is what the loss of those old games mean and translate to. I'll argue that it is symbolic of the loss of that interaction with your friends as it was back in those old days. They go hand in hand.

As we know children have always had difficulty separating from their parents on that first day of school. But back then there were lots of your friends already in the school where you were about to attend. Therefore it eased the pain of separation.
Chances are a child today may not encounter even one friend in her/his new school. Even the teacher is a stranger, and the majority of the pupils are likely strangers to each other. Therefore a child today is facing double jeopardy when entering a new school. He doesn't want his parents to leave, and made worst when there isn't a familiar face to hang with. If that isn't abandonment, tell me what is!

Verne, as I see it that's one of the greatest losses that our children have to contend with in this brave new world of 80 inch television, play-stations and others that technology has given us.

Re: Bamboo and calabash trees ! Plant more bamboo and calabash trees! Save our trees!/MYA

Season greetings MYA, I enjoyed reading your poem, which is nothing short of 'par excellence' excuse my impertinence, but I think this 'par excellence' is nothing short of a 'colonial education' - however, it seems that you have omitted the title for your poem.

I have my own 'colonial education' humble contribution, - with regard to this lovely tropical tree. These words entered my head, whilst pondering on the Bamboo and as a 'colonial educated child' I was quick to put pen to paper .. but unlike my colonial educated days I used a biro not an ink fountain pen or pencil for the first draft followed by the fountain pen!.

Bamboo - hallowed be thy sound!

Bamboo, hallowed be thy natural hollow musical sound
To the swaying of the island breeze
giving way to a creaking, gentle knocking sound
Bearing similarities to the painful arthritic joint.

Bamboo, hallowed be thy natural hollow musical sound
Which has been discarded by natives for a digital sound?
or chopped down to make way for a far too big house
maybe for a few folks and probably a mouse!

Bamboo, hallowed be thy natural hollow musical sound
whilst awaiting selection for the bursting, boom, explosive sound.
And, folks ponder when wind patterns make a thunderous roaring sound
At the absences of a hollow musical windbreaker sound!

by Lady Genevieve Jourdaine.

SAVE the BAMBOO NOW! Plant MORE Bamboo trees NOW! Leave the bamboo alone NOW!