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Best wishes for a 2015 full of Peace and Happiness : inclusive of a Christmas cracker question!

After the pulling of a Christmas cracker - there was a question:

How many gifts would a person receive on the twelfth day of Christmas?
(This is based on the 12 day of Christmas carol song!)

The answer stated: 364 gifts - but I am left rather baffled as to how this total came about - I am still calculating, but getting no figure near this total number of gifts - Any Mathematicians to offer an explanation, please let me know?

With the approaching New Year, there is always a wish for one's happiness - but according to the Philosopher Socrates, happiness may be based on a person virtuous characteristics. Usually on this Forum, folks reminisce about the good old days when some of the island folks were kind and ensure the well being of their community members by doing good deeds as they saw fit of course - well, because of this display of virtue, hence the reason for their happiness, whilst those who are not doing virtuous deeds may show signs of unhappiness! Furthermore, Socrates states that 'virtue' is not teachable - is that the reason why no one can teach you how to be happy?

So, with a degree of philosophy -

Best wishes and every blessing to everyone for a New Year full of God given new opportunities to do virtuous acts of good deeds for a happy life and fulfilment of personal dreams. Amen.