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Mr Leslie Pierre (Rest in Peace) : A Grenadian journalist of the finest standing!

I read ( from the George Grant website) with sadness the passing on 21 December 2014, of a nothing short of one of Grenada finest, cultured, gifted in virtuous communal deeds and a man of perfect etiquette for persons of all circumstances within the Grenadian society - Mr Leslie Pierre, a Grenadian journalist - a man dedicated to Free Speech - I take my hat off to such a fellow islander. A man who I think the novelist Charles Dickens would have admired for his pious interest in equality and social justice for all the islanders. A true Grenadian icon, indeed. May His good deeds and endured hardships follow him to the heavenly gates and may his rest be undisturbed by the One who sets us all free from earthly constraints. Amen.

I know that deep down I would have had the full support of this iconic Grenadian, Mr Leslie Pierre, and similar fine persons of such fine island calibre standing, with regard to ensuring the preservation and replanting of the bamboo, calabash trees, stinking toe trees and the overhauling prevention of titiri from the island rivers.

Sympathies to the immediate family of Mr Leslie Pierre inclusive of all extended persons mourning and saddened by his earthly departure. Amen.

Also - Sympathies to all families highlighted on the Forum during their mourning period. Amen.