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Global economy 2015:Is the Carib islands in need of specialised 'economic' intervention for growth

It’s a new year, and the media, likes to get an idea as to how certain countries economy will hold up to the business , stocks and shares market in this now competitive cut throat global economy as 2015 gradually unfolds hopefully more surprises than horrors – countries are referring to their ‘reserves’. On a personal note, with the advent of the New Year, I too need to take stock of my finances and check out how my ‘reserves’ is economically doing for the sake of my household wellbeing and with a vision further down the journey financial line.

I listened with intrigued anticipation as some of the global economists from differing countries, were discussing ‘numbers’ that had an impact on them in 2014 – Interesting I thought for a programme – economists discussing numbers that in some way had an impact on them as individuals - As the discussion got underway, the economists themselves globally categorised or compartmentalised global countries’ economies, as ‘developing’ , and ‘rich’ . But, as a non-economist, the jist of their conversation was basically, ‘the tightening of belts and seeking ways to avoid wasting money’.

So what numbers stood out for them :

The global USA economist, spoke about ‘quadrillions’ dollars – I thought WOW, you hardly hear of economists making references to ‘quadrillions’ – but then this is easily done with reference to a country the size of the America.
A named South American country, whose economy was booming, has now backslide to a ratio of 7:1, at the start of the boom, their economy was say 70% with growth, and 10% inflation, but now it has reversed to 10% growth by 70% inflation. WOW, what a turnaround!

I did not hear any mention of any of the Caribbean islands, but I thought if some Far East countries are classified as ‘developing’ what about these infinitesimal ‘islands’ – how are they doing economically?

And, if on the global arena , some islands economy is not doing well - some developing and rich countries economy are not doing well - but there is reserves! - What can be done to aid the island economy to move forward in 2015? Some may say a variety of things, basically, some may say…a bloody miracle, but miracles are possible, for those who believe in God as Master of the Universe, who is a wonderful counsellor and magnificent in wisdom.

Thus, if there is some hope and there is always hope for the ‘global economy’ - (even my own personal economic situation) should the island folks make perpetual intercessions for the improvement of their economy. Should some island folks make it their duty or a New Year’s resolution to cry out for divine aid, for when devastation comes, folks cry out, thus, folks should cry out for divine help to the island economy which at times are just ignored by the ‘big’ global economists?

I am not an economist, I am not able to offer the islands any 'quadrillions dollars' but the Word of God, tells us that nothing is impossible for those who believe – so, I pray that this 2015, the islands of the Caribbean economies will show positive signs of steady sharp growth, because you know what, some of those hardworking, decent, agricultural Caribbean folks deserve the very best, especially those who have no access to overseas barrel and monies. Amen.