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Wooden houses : dis-appearance or re-appearance or down the garden path?

I remember my grandmother's immaculately clean two bedroom wooden house, with a relatively spacious living area inclusive of a kitchen area with two small wooden benches, where the family cooked 'cant wait for it' food was lovely served and tucked in.

To some degree, in line with trends and money availability, to an extent, the wooden house was looked down upon in favour of cement/bricks, especially with returnees from abroad. The 'family' sized wooden bungalow style houses gave way to two floors or more, with an 'appetite phobia' for concrete and bricks, and possibly the clearance of trees.

I was in conversation with a house builder, related my story about Gran's house, whilst he eyed the contemporary style houses in the distance, with the exterior wood panelling - very expensive in Europe, he stated. These countries are just trying to copy the West, he continued.

Strangely, the contemporary housing designers in some parts of west, which are counted as 'rich', are now opting for the cheaper option of exterior wooden panelling to reduce costs and maintain, to give the optimum panache and decorum to their sought after at times 'mouth opening' designs.

So, why has the traditional wooden houses in some folks eyes, presently seen as undesirable, in terms of 'the have and the have not' - or 'the more money than sense' argument? Is the traditional style Caribbean wooden house going down the same route as the disappearance of the wooden bus?