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Start to 2015 : an uproar change crisis, but can some nations 'mutate' unprepared for changes?

It seems from the national news, that some nations seem to be in 'uproar' in defence of their homeland from too rapid changes. But it seems that the big word in the last couple years, is 'change', and for some peoples the impact of some changes does not seem to be folks desired request for change. From my perspective, I think that humankind these days, most focused desired for change is for their financial pocket, better health resources, employment, a home and time with their family or relatives and a 'self chosen' lifestyle which may be 'selectively' inclusive or exclusive of others - especially in this 'Me, myself and I' culture.

Changes are occurring on a global scale that for some is beyond belief and as seen down the ages at times does not bring about harmonic appreciations, while for some the reasoning behind their actions, may be to help the economy, raise profile - at the end of the day the people lack of a say, except probably during elections as they register their frustrations on the ballot paper, unprepared for changes may have a degree of psychological impact on folks wellbeing, morale and general attitude to enjoy the abundant life as one see fit! With even the sale of global property on the internet, folks can just wake up to a different kind of neighbour within their familiar community zone - and being told 'change' may not be swallowed down quickly as a prescribed medication.

I believe, that the Good Lord, the Master of the Universe placed humankind in their own lands, with their own foods and with their own kind, with certain laid down statutes and laws to follow on how one should live their lives - but humankind, being humankind, and the seeking of their own desires and hearts - basically messed things up with their own self conceitedness, wickedness and at times sheer demonic evils, showing determined willingness by turning away, even rejecting the originally laid down laws and given statues on how one should live - preferring the involvement of wars, feuds, fights, some folks have their own open or hidden agenda of hatred sometimes downright hostility towards their own kind, and further down the line hostilities has been extended towards others from differing lands causing grief and heavy yoked burdens even to the grave.

So what do I do when I read or hear the plight of folks displacement, the perpetual social injustices, inclusive of current trend the fear of national folks seeing their places of familiarity changing - Years of experience down my journey line - I listen intently to the neutral or bias style media reporting, of the causes be it religion, or colour or whatever - and, I try to retain my own peace, for I know, I have to seek my own oasis of peace for my own wellbeing, knowing, as I reflect on Kipling Rudyard poem IF....

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too:
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting.....

However, I will maintain some degree of change momentum, knowing that it is written in the scriptures.. "when you hear of these things know that the Kingdom of God is close at hand".

And with that spiritual guarantee, I hope with all my heart to be able to weather the seemingly perpetual uproar of 'unwanted change' amidst some nations as their folks try to mutate nothing short of 'unwanted' changes to the lands - and as one man stated ...."we are the people" - so let us toss the coin, we are the people or the changes! I wish the affected people of the nations well as they try to battle out all 'change' differences in a globally civil and amicable manner!