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Re: Lougarou or lougaroo : with the possibility that anyone may fit the Lougarou criteria!

LADY JOURDAINE have u ever seen a lougarou ?cause by what you are saying,you must of been around at the time lougarou passes,and that's is around fourday morning LOL, Lady you must of heard that lougarou usually takes his or her skin off and put it under the mortar,LOL,and when a Lougarou sucks u at night,ITS always the lst.person to pass near to u window in d morning,and that's who is the lougarou, ONLY saying what I heard in my young days in gouyave, LOL,LOL,

Re: Lougarou or lougaroo : with the possibility that anyone may fit the Lougarou criteria!

I asked the same question many years ago when someone brought up that same topic. I don't mean to be rude, but why did lougaroo only got women on their legs or breast. I remember I was about ten or eleven. I had just made my confirmation that week. A friend of my grandmother came by and she was showing my grandmother a big blue mark on her leg. She told my grandmother that lougaroo sucked her. My uncle Diego started laughing. He said "you lie it's (****) did that to you, allu women always blaming lougaroo" I didn't understand what he meant at that time until my teenage years by listening to other conversations. Those were the fun days and children believed.

Re: Lougarou or lougaroo : with the possibility that anyone may fit the Lougarou criteria!

To give a brief snapshot of events with regard to my cultural Lougarou or Lougaroo or Rougarou knowledge, I must have been about six years of age, when I recalled this dramatic disturbance to my sleep by a very brief galvanise rattling noise, in the wee hours of a very still tropical morning - with regard to time of arrival, I would say yes, Melo, probably around between 3 - 4 in the morning, because by 4.45 am or thereabout the cockerel usually crow, if my childhood memory serves me right!

And, hence, the Lougarou commotion arousing a short debate between my Grandmother and the patois speaking neighbour, as soon as the cockerel gave his morning alarm.

I will be the first to admit, even at this tender age, I have not seen a Lougarou, I think that the whole point of this wide extended Caribbean myth or legend, is based on the fact, that if anyone saw the Lougarou, then there would be no mystery surrounding his (or her presence) - so, excuse my impertinence, but I do not believe any Caribbean folks have ever seen a Lougarou - folks, kindly present your case, if anyone have seen a Lougarou! - confession time for anyone who have participated or still participating in Lougarou 'transatlantic' or 'native' rituals!

However, the 'myth' proof of a Lougarou presence was the result of this coloured bruise style mark, confirmation of the Lougarou activities was confirmed by so to speak the spokeswoman, who seemed very knowledgeable on such cultural matters of myth or legend. In the memories of some of the older village folks, who have now passed, and I must ensure that this passed down knowledge remain within the Caribbean community, carrying with it some personal immunity against all 'transatlantic' Lougarou activities. Now, if someone was seen out early, it was straight away assumed that the person was the Lougarou! It seemed that the Lougarou had power to silence the chickens under the house from making a noise!

I recall overhearing a conversation about a lady whose blood was sucked by the Lougarou, she laughed it off, as she was planning to depart from the Grenadian shores to America - and the expert on Lougarou matters commenting, that Lougarou had no boundaries and could travel anywhere, especially if the Lougarou liked your blood!

Oh, the innocent joys of the 'pre colonial childhood Grenadian daily living with the myth or legend' of Lougarou encircling the disturbance of sleep by any wee hours noises. And the exchange of conversations, even by men, going like this,... Miss G, a Lugarou sucked me last night, and they would roll up-their trousers and reveal a large purple coloured bruise. A bush tea was prescribed for the 'blood sucking' victims to of course, cleanse the blood, or if this was not taken for a few days, your path was now marked out for Lougarou status!

So, folks do not become complacent, Lougarou does not forget his metamorphosing routings or rootings!
And in support of any Lougarou who may be reading this post, and to avoid any Lougarou visitations to fit into their criteria, I say:

SAVE our Lougarou NOW! LEAVE them ALONE NOW! THEY are part of our cultural Heritage NOW! Leave the Lougarou Alone NOW! Let the Lougarou do their early morning work NOW!