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Melo I just came in on this site. Yes we should say congratulations to Albert. He has helped and assisted the gouyave youths to get into the professional fields when it was impossible at some time. Congrats.

Re: COME ON : Congratulations tribute to Albert - British Empire Medal (BEM)!

My Dearest Albert, and fellow islander,

I would like to take time out of the Gogouyave Forum current topic, on the activities of the 'Lougarou' (and in line with fellow forum post author extraordinaire, Melo request) to offer my sincere and humble congratulations, to you Albert for the noble and well deserved award, of British Empire Medal (BEM) from Her Gracious Majesty, the Queen, for your outstanding, nothing short of excellent work - in the field of Sports and good 'virtuous' deeds to your fellow citizens on the island inclusive of your town of Gouyave and I am sure wider afield. Dear Albert, fellow islander, you have done us islanders' proud, and I pray that this earthly blessing of a British Empire Medal, and your good deeds will follow you down your generation for evermore.

Now Albert, I do not like awards of any kind, but it is usually said, that the person who nominated, in this case, you Albert, for the award, deserves a higher award. And you know what, I am sure Albert you will humbly agree!

So, congratulations, to both awarder and awardee! Enjoy and celebrate your new British Empire Medal status!


Mr. Joseph does deserve his kudos for being part of the development of the youth in the community through his mentoring. It is time for others to take up the baton and do likewise. Congratulations Mr. Joseph!


Hey Melo, I personally couldn't give a hoot that the queen bestowed the BEM MEDAL on Albert Joseph, and for that matter anyone else. As far as I'm concerned it's the colonial masters/mistresses way of making us believe that until they recognize us we are not official. But if it makes you and others proud, that's your business, let it be.

However, Albert and his team should without a doubt be recognized for the unbelievable job they have done and are doing for the development of sports in Gouyave/Grenada. With so little island resources that they have to work with, yet are able to produce a Kirani James. Just imagine what they would or could have done if their resources were not so meager.
Therein lies the REAL reason to celebrate this astounding man, Albert Joseph. Do we need a queen to recognize that for us? Not as far as I'm concerned!

You may recall that I pointed out a similar pattern in our Gouyave people when I wrote A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE.
Melo, the parents of yours and my generation had so VERY, VERY, VERY LITTLE resources at their disposal to capitalize on. Yet from those very nothing came personalities like Arthur Hosten, Clarice Charles, Vivian and Vernon Louison, Dr. John Wright, Carnice Modeste, Peter Boyke, Dr. Kenny Lewis, Dr. Theodore Ferguson, Eustace Ferguson, Luke Benoit, Dr. George Vincent, Dr. Bernard Gibbs, Professor Leslie Marcelle, Alexander Sullivan, Dr. Dunstan Campbell, Dr. Jim Roderique, Sir Paul Scoon, Sir Carlyle Glean and the list goes on and on, and on.
The question we should be asking ourselves is "what is it about Gouyave people that has caused them to use their little "tuppence" to produce those personalities? It is nothing short of profound and absolute admiration!!

So as we are stopping to honor Albert and his fantastic team, it is incumbent upon us to also honor our past generations.

Let's hope that the jacks and fish "broff" continue to nourish our Gouyave folks to take this incredible tradition even further!


HEY TONY just stumbled upon your take on the COME on congratulate Albert,PIECE, well said and (THREE CHEERS)All individual is entitled to their own oponion,say no more,