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Cartoons or cartoonists : a tumultuous rocking of the liberte boat or human civilisation!

As a young girl, I loved reading my comics, such as Beano which was made up of several cartoon strips style stories, most of the stories were serialised, and with gasping breath I had to wait until the following Saturday for the new copy.

I once saw a television documentary of how very famous cartoon stories with their characters were taken from a draft copy, to draft ‘art board’ etc to the big screen – this left me in nothing short of wonder.

I do believe that most children and even adults, love to watch the cartoons on television, and those who still read comics – there are even have programmes where there are cartoons at every second, minute and hour of the day – the story plots and characters at times can be a miraculous aid for a sickly child or even adult.

Cartooning design is all to do with gifted creative talent – although, it never entered my head to become a cartoonist – the emphasis from school was the academic life. And furthermore, my art work and sketching objects, in my eyes fell very short from the destined Picasso’s in the school art classroom. I believe that a cartoonist see things within us, that we do not comprehend and the cartoonist brings it out with his sketching pencil to leave us biting our lips or **** right upset!

I have seen over the years, many newspaper cartoons, a cartoon in a magazine of a famous superstar drawn with a large ‘behind hump’ and a child sitting on the hump! Famous folks some more than others have been subjected to at times nothing short of humiliating cartoons strips! Which leaves me pondering – is this supposed to be sheer mimicry; laughable in terms of funny, or totally inconsideration; or that’s what you get for living in the superstar public domain? Lack of privacy? Does anyone care or show 'iconic' interest?

As a schoolgirl, years back during the USA/Grenada invasion, at the school library during lunchtime, I opened one of the quality newspapers – there was a cartoon, with an enormous elephant, with one foot slight lifter up from the ground and in the space or gap was a small mouse! I perceived the mouse to be the island and the enormous elephant representative of the USA. There was no bubble, but there was a short sentence underneath the cartoon – which erase my memory! I was too young to write a letter of complaint to the newspaper editor and it did not even enter my mind of innocence; but did any adult UK Grenadians complain orally or verbally? How many UK Grenadians saw the cartoon?

Like some aspects of life, the media in whatever form, cartoonist or whatever continues its role in providing a 'scaffold ladder' to reach the top and and at times the havoc of removing the same scaffold for one to make their own way downwards! - and human as humans are - always show mixed feelings about any unsureness after time about the media up or down ladder! For a picture can save the use of a thousand words!

Human civilisation, I believe is still in the safe Hands of God, as His ways and thoughts are far higher than ours and our boundaries of ways and thoughts will never meet his Mighty boundary!