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Mother Country : 1948 'superstar' welcome for the late Lord Kitch, Trini King of Calypso

I was listening to a radio documentary about the famous 1940's King of Trini Calypso, Lord Kitchener. Now, the world famous 'rhyming' Lord Kitchener was very warmly welcome by the media (bless them), when the Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks in 1948.

A fresh faced 26 year old, with his guitar, spoke to a waiting reporter - isn't that lovely - fame and superstar status seemed to have no colour barrier or status with the make or break media even back in 1948.

The reporter stated "Lord Kitchener, you are the King of Calypso in your homeland of Trinidad", and the young man replied, "I am". (Bless him).

Lord Kitchener, what do you think of London, can you sing something about London.

The young Trini star, replied, in true Trini calypso style' it nice to be in the Mother Country, after a pause, the reporter asked, can you sing something about London.... ... And the Trini superstar .....did his calypso kingly stuff.....

London is the place for me......

It was really nice to hear that Lord Kitchener was treated with 'superstar' status and respect, by at least the media (even though some of his colleagues spoke of the racism they face by the ordinary folks). It was nice to hear that he continued with his music playing in clubs, etc.

So what can I say to impress even the late Lord Kitchener, from my colonial English rhyming lessons:

I was listening to the radio in the kitchen
and it was all about Lord Kitch
even though he named himself Kitchener
his rhyming skills was just bewitchin'!

Whatever talents and gifts are given to you - try to make good use of it!