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One's country of birth : should it be deleted or rooted out for the new country of re-birth?

The dark cloudy spectres of what most folks are calling ‘racism’ in some European countries are roaring out aloud from global news headlines - but is it racism? Is there an urgent call for the word racism to be redefined giving a new definition in light of fresh global concerns or issues? So, if I say, Je suis... this or that is that a form of racism?. And, I am left thinking, is this part of the big six letter word? – Change! But change is hard to stomach, when 'many once or considered to be affluent' folks are faced with harsh anti-austerity measures of little money, no work, no jobs – especially when they know that 'the considered poor in other societies' are watching or writing as i am doing today - there is a tendency to lash out on others who differ from their norm, and lashing out breeds more lashing outs – until some societal lashes become unbearable!

Down my journey line, I am surprise to be reading similar style articles about racism in newspapers that bears similarities to decades ago. Where it seems that some folks of whatever colour chose to enter once 'selective' but now 'anyone is most welcome style' ‘colonial attitudes’ arena, be it employment, education etc– and may have been greeted with colonial trumpet blast amidst media attention, is now pointing fingers at those who are still displaying or harbouring colonial attitudes! – as they thread on their thanks for coming to boost our ego – but do take the ‘exit mat’ from the arena. And I am thinking, will one person really make such a miraculous change to eradicate this ‘racism viral’? I doubt it, for I believe man changes brings about more silenced hostility, which lifts its unpleasant head in times of harsh austerity.

The words that were once used to openly describe me as a black person, a human being are now somewhat illegal courtesy of legislation – to a certain extent. However, I listened intensively to the phrases of some European countries native folks as they freely speak to the media, “we are losing our country”!, “we are the people”! In a way, I am glad to hear these phrases, it will give the sociologists more meat for their research programmes.

A 'non-native'(excuse my impertinence, but I think for the price of a fee and meeting the right conditions- a new native is offered respite rebirth!) in one of the affected european country, said, “the country where I was born is no longer my country, where I now live is now our country” – Boy, oh boy, the choice focus has not gone away!

So, what do I do, - I listen with caution (for I am not one for jumping on any one cultural bandwagon, and I am only playing my own fiddle and no one else – because, the Word warns us about playing the music for others who will not dance to the played out tune) – I have noted that none of the relevant countries speak where appropriate about their once colonial style dark spectre of their colonial attitudes, or their ancestors haughty disapproval for folks who differ from them, no accountability for their implanting of racism like a virus in societies, that have not yet been completely mutated and maybe never will be mutated from minds, bodies or spirits. I believe that the removal of any errors –need honesty, humility and payback in the form of gifts or financial rewards – and for some folks that need legal intervention and of course some divine intervention as see fit.

Personal speaking, my past belongs to me, it cannot be erased, the spectre of racism still haunts me, my slavery roots haunts me, I never heard any slavery rooted confessions from my quiet forefathers or foremothers, and I believe that this 'quietness' hid deep feelings of rejection and hurt, too deep for them to trouble a new generation with and that really haunts me. Not growing up to become an adult in my birth country haunts me. Not being able to tend my grandmother treasured land at this moment in time haunts me.

So, the country where I was born is it now no longer my country? and, nowadays does anyone really care? And the country where I now live is it my country – should I really try to make it my country? And does anyone care? And philosophically speaking, do both questions matter or have any relevance towards one wellbeing and standing in society - and if, so, who cares? Is the time approaching, where one's country of birth, may bear no global significance or patriotism, and like a researchers trying to cut out disease from our DNA, should I now start to cut out my country of birth from my genetic makeup? down the journey line will the country of birth be of little significance or play no role in this now changing go against the norm style society? As a society have we entered a new 'racism' barrier free arena where folks can come and go as they please, as one see 'racism' fit?