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Learning tables : or 'app'-ing for a tablet!

A recommendation has been put forward in a European country for learners or folks aged 11 years, should know their 12 times table and to be able to write a short story! During the general discussion, without any mathematical experts’ comments, I did not hear the correct phrase ‘multiplication table’ being used by anyone. Not sure if the learners have to memorisation the table by heart or just know the pattern to formulating the answer. Also, it states the despite monies pumped in solving learning issues to bridge the gap between levels in performance or attainments, it seems all to no avail.

Of course, listening to programmes like this, my brain automatically sends images of my earlier than earlier start at school, where after my practising writing the letters of the alphabet, writing simple words,eg cat, dog, I recall reciting in the form of parrot fashion (rote) about four and half – 5 years of age, from a huge coloured ‘multiplication tables’ chart attached to the easel style blackboard, which was raised higher by wooden pegs and the teacher pointing to the relevant table with a long wooden brown ruler.

Some of the folks in discussion with regard to this new recommendation, when asked 12 times whatever number confessed of opting for their iPhone or tablet – although it was nice that most of them remembered the answer for 12 times 12.

So, It seems that regardless of ‘change’ in learning styles or use of information technology by quickly ‘opting’ or ‘app’-ing for technological objects ……..folks may lead their horse to lovely pools of fresh water but it cannot make it drink....

Subjectively,from my experience the technology is suppose to enhance progression in whatever field,and it cannot bring out what is not there?