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Hi Forum user/posters and onlookers. I wish to apologies for the disruptions in the website over the past three weeks.

We have been able to solve the many problems and at the same time, change our hosting company.

We are not back to full content in regards to information about Gouyave, i am working to have the entire website restored by the end of march, yes March!! My present location comes with some challenges with regards to design and what new need to uploaded.so keep looking for the upgrades.

in the meantime, the website as you see, will be as simple as possible with just the Obituaries and forum.

I am endeavoring to have a backup website soon and you will be advised when that happens. As is, gogouyave.gd will redirect you to gogouyave.com, There will be some changes to the forum soon which will make it a lot easier for to post your message.

Once again, my sincere apologies to you all and to thank you for your understanding.