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Re: "To Quote or Not to Quote", Mother's Children Lament

Verne, a friend called me, while another e-mailed me expressing the same sentiment like yours. Perhaps I totally misunderstood the lady's point. If so, I apologize.

Perhaps the real lesson learnt from this episode is that the written and spoken word can be understood quite differently by different people. That's why we all should try our best to be as clear as we can in what we say and how we write so that there is little room for misunderstanding from the audience.
Certainly it is not an easy thing to do. Who say the English language is easy? It is so filled with different nuances and meanings etc. Nevertheless it is incumbent upon all of us to try, especially when we are using other peoples' words to make a point.

This mother's child is lamenting that the use of Mother's language can so easily throw us off track!