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birds of a feather flock together : if so, who took the 'flock' word out?

Miss T, the ability to write and share your feelings of this unpleasant experience with regard to your ‘family religious conflict of differences’ is enough to bring about a complete degree of personal healing and reconciliation from your emotional hurting – I do hope so. I count my late mother blessings, that this ‘person’ was not a family member! Miss T may your earthly blessings be as numerous and unaccountable as the stars of heaven. Amen.

Basically, my late great-grandmother on my mother's side related her cotton picking sessions when her fingers were sore whilst completing tasks where she had no say or choice. And then, further down the emancipation lengthy escalator line of hardships, where once an emancipated community ‘gelled together’ for safety and protection, with seeming subtlety, evils spiralled out, to a scale of ‘quietly’ dismantling the norm cultivation of islands of mercy and values with a sea or ocean of total aroused indifference.

I suppose down the line, after laws were passed to stop slavery, with enough ‘sugar’ money was made by the colonial masters to have a big impact on ‘Mother’, so prior to their departure from the isles, I believe that they ensured they left a hallmark of additional scenario of legacies, to remove the word 'flock' from the saying birds of a feather flock together, like hatred or maliciousness for folks to follow towards each other; make sure a lot of folks drink rum, the great importance of greed for material and physical comfort etc.

However, what the masters did not take on board was the probability that some of the once slaves, like say my own ancestors possessed qualities, as well as their own coping mental strategy or strategies which was probably far superior to the colonial legacies of remnant passed – even up to this day.

So figuratively speaking, taking into account the saying, that ‘birds of a feather flock together’ –who took or is taking out the ‘flock’ word out of the saying, to trigger 'conflict' to a once cohesive community by a renewed version of the saying - ‘birds of a feather together’?