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Small jacks : latest update from 'Bourg et Paroisse l'ance de Goyave'!

I received an email from a friend, simply stating, that after a conversation with a lady who have just returned from 'Bourg et Paroisse l'ance de Goyave' - the holiday returnee stated that she got a 'plastic bag' of 'end of the day conch shell blowing' bargain jacks for $10.00 - the jacks were very small, and took her and a relative ages to clean!

In her own words..."they should leave them a bit longer"...

From my perspective, this 'bargain price' seems like a lot of money to me!

Does one really need to clean small jacks? I would just put them in the pot for broth, or simply smothered them in flour and fry them?

Where I am living, I never see any small shoals of fishes for sale, only one or two tunas - of course that feeds a lot of folks!