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Re: Jack fish or jacks : so highly prized!


Please don't get me wrong, I am deeply aware of the impact of over-fishing on the overal stock of Mother Nature's inventory and her ability to replenish it through her natural reproductive efforts. I am also aware of each and every one of us responsibility to ensure the continuity of our natural resources by taking all precautionary measures towards that effort. Your suggestion of "nitting nets with bigger gauges" as a means of providing "free passage" to smaller Jacks is a necessary option, especially now, as the scarcity seems quite obvious.

But Mell, as this is a joint effort which requires the participation of all stake holders, the burden of conservation cannot be borne entirely by our fishermen who depends on this as food sustenance. As our government continues to hold its hands out for "gifts " from China and Japan, they too should be cognoscent of the impact their state of the art dredging fishing techniques (particularly those of Japan) have on our scarce fish resources and be mindful that the free gifts may not be free afterall.

>>>>>>,(AS for TIT,T,RIE,LANCE river stop producing tit,t rie,a while now,and I think its VICTORIA or other places the stocks is catching, That's what I undersatand,<<<<<

Do you think it is possible that our Gouyave River may be facing polluted conditions that are not conducive to Mother Te-te-ry returning to lay her eggs within the vicinity so that her hatchlings may return to the Bushery, hence they have diverted to other areas like Victoria?

Re: Jack fish or jacks : so highly prized!

POLLUTED condition is one of the factors,VERNON on occasion when i walk pass LANCE BDG.and look over d edge sometimes i wonder if thats the same RIVER i use to dive in d BUSHERY MOUTH,boy there is nothing there any more (LOL) just a stream especially in the dry season, Could be climate change taking its toll(may Be) and i understand its not much bigger in d rainy season, (NO wonder that so Many houses is taking up Residency in d River Course (LOL) How times has change,