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Err, Melo, England won the 2nd test in Grenada by 9 wickets!!

Please allow Geoffrey his gloating at the once mighty West Indies demise. He and his English team suffered at the hands of our boys for many a year.

Our team is no longer the power it once was and we must accept that we are not producing the talent we once did. The people responsible for developing cricket in the Caribbean appear to have lost their way and are bereft of ideas of how best to produce the world class quality we need to compete with the best in the world.

My Observation:

When I left Grenada in 1968, cricket was the primary sport in St John's. My small village had 2 cricket team, a Senior cricket and a Junior cricket team which meant that young men of 14/15+ could take part in regular competitive cricket matches. There were cricket teams in Florida, Waterloo, Closea, Grand Roy, Concord, Maran, and Mount Granby... I haven't even mentioned the teams in Gouyave itself!

Today, very little cricket is played in the parish, certainly not at the level and quality it was once played at in the past, and I suspect that what is true of St John's is also true of the other parishes in Grenada and suspect too that the same is true of other Caribbean islands too.

If we are to be the force in cricket that we once were then we must return to playing cricket at grass roots level everywhere in the Caribbean.


ITS true what Tony and Mangodog Has said,Rightly so,about the cricket that is being played in the west indies today,having looked at the two test matches played in the west indies so far,i sometimes wonder wether the players heart is really in the game,HEY tony I know boycott words are wind,he has to say something for all the bounce he got from HALL and GRIFFITS etc etc LOL,