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In Mourning

Our condolences goes out to the families of

David "Pridey/Two Tul Pride" Britton

Dennis "Tight Teff" Sylvester

and Dennis Mitchell of Gouyave

Dennis and his wife Maragret Williams Mitchell (daughter of AE williams) were regular readers and posters on this website especially when someone died, they always had some comforting words for the bereaved.

May their souls rest in peace

Re: In Mourning/ RIP PRIDEY

SAD to hear of the passing of 2,2, pride very popular and favourit person in gouyave,condolence to all or his family and friends, RIP pridey,

Re: In Mourning

"Teacher Tony, you din have to do dat; a bottle of cold water doh coss dat much," said Pridey, as he thought I was paying him for the bottle of cold water he gave as he saw how soaked I was from walking in the hot afternoon sun back in 2013 preparing to launch my book in Gouyave.
During the 70's of the hey-dey of Gairy's notorious regime, it was 2-2-Pride who warned me that the Mongoose gang was watching my every move while I was on vacation. I later found out that he himself was one of their members. Thanks for the heads-up and sticking out your neck, Pridey!
That's why a US$50.00 dollar bill was but a small price to pay and say thanks for what he at first thought was for an inexpensive bottle of cold water.

Who could forget Pridey and Rope's near-death cutlass encounter? Who could forget the many fights between Pridey and Claude Bond? And just as memorable, who could forget Teresa Chiddick telling us "ees because he (Pridey) love me dat's why he does beat me."

My condolences to an unusual type of Gouyave man, David "Pridey," "2-2-Pride" Britton's family and friends. Farewell, my friend.

As young boys growing up in Gouyave, Dennis Mitchell was my brother's friend, while his younger brother Percy, was my friend as well as my class mate at the RC school.
Then my God-father, their father, moved the family to St. George's where we lost touch until I met another of his brothers, Alfred, upon becoming a pupil at the GBSS.
Many years later, through www.goGouyave.com plus my book A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE, Dennis and his wife, the former Margaret Williams,(AE Williams' daughter) called me from California and so began our second round of friendship until the very end when Margaret called to tell me about his illness and finally his passing.

I am indebted to Dennis for clarifying and filling in some information about Gouyave and the Mitchell family that I previously was unaware of. Many of us will remember attending Mrs Donovan's private school next to Ma-May hill. It was Dennis who told me that the goodly lady was his fathers' daughter, and through him I got to know who was Mrs. Donovan's mother.
And I also got to know that years before me, Dennis was not only a GBSS boy, but also a Hostel Boy.

We are at that stage of our lives when like ripe mangoes, it should surprise no one when one of us falls. We know and expect it, but it still doesn't make it any easier to hear the news.
With deep sadness, I extend my condolences to Margaret and the surviving brothers of Dennis. May he rest in peace.

Re: In Mourning

YES I also joined with all gouyave persons in sympathy to MARGARET MITCHELL Daughter of AE williams (RIP)Past head master of st,johns RC school, on the passing of your dear HUSBAND DENNIS,May HE REST IN PEACE,