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Leon "Specks" George Passing

Tribute to Leon “Specks” George

Eerie rhythms permeated the night air
The drums pulsated under his deft hands
Seemingly guided by an ancestral soul.
On the waves we were taken back
Peering momentarily into our history
Bonding with a higher self.
Leon “Specks” with bony fingers commanded the drums,
They spoke as he himself faded into the vibrations.
Images of a communal fire with the elders in a unifying circle sit,
In our minds like a mirage emerge.
Our genesis, where it all began, now clearly lit.
Leon may your journey on the waves of your drums be effortless,
Like an Eagle soaring on air currents, taking you to a place of peace.
Never stop the drumming; we will hear you through every beat
as drummers you have inspired pound out the universal rhythms.
You left your mark by molding the nimble minds Teacher Leon,
You will be remembered.
Like your Mom who in her way have helped to pave the way for generations.
Rest in Peace.

By: Michael Sutherland

Re: Leon "Specks" George Passing

Rest In Peace Teacher Leon.
Thank you for the brief interlude we had as teacher and student.
My sympathy and condolences to your remaining family, relatives and friends.


Re: Leon "Specks" George Passing

My sincere condolences to Leo, other relatives and friends of Leon George. RIP Leon!