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To forgive or not to forgive

To forgive or not to forgive:

First I must say that with respect to the massacre in South Carolina in the A.M.E Church of members of it congregation. Nine people were killed in cold blood inspired by racism. The act was calculated and cold blooded as it was carried out in a place of worship, in a Church, after the perpetrator sat among the people for almost an hour calmly before executing them. My deepest sympathy to the families of the victims.

My issue here is that the members of the congregation and also family members within hours of the tragedy is on the TV touting forgiveness of the young man that just murdered nine of its people in a fashion that is nothing but cold blooded. He showed no remorse after been captured because he was convinced that his actions were justified within the narrative of his belief system and it not just about him as we would be made to believe it is the pervasive culture shown in the blatant display of disregard of human life by police offices for black people in this USA.

The questions for me here are; is the professing of FORGIVENESS at this time appropriate? What does FORGIVEVESS mean? Is this sending the correct message that we would not tolerate this anymore?

Personally I believe it is sending the wrong message because I question the understanding of the concept of forgiveness as is taught across the Christian community. I believe that it is not really probable that one can really give forgiveness within hours of a tragedy like this as the impact of the killings and the feelings of denial and all the emotions surrounding this incident is so overpowering that one will have room only for the loss and grief. One year after the Boston Bombing the victims, Whites, were still clamoring for revenge and “JUSTICE” and their debate on sentencing was one of which way he would suffer the most. Do I agree with that approach? of course not, but I believe that the full extent of the Law must be applied and a message must be sent that this is just not acceptable and would not be tolerated in a so called Civilized, First World country.