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Those annoying terms

A White policeman caught red-handed brutalizing or killing Black people is referred to as "a bad cop."
A White man slaughtering Black people in a Church is called "a loner."

What are we supposed to take away from those terms? If it weren't for those outside-the-line Whites, there would be no racial problems between the races in America. Oh yea????

I do have a hard time understanding how White cops after White cops, after White cops especially, surface with amazing frequency to brutalize us whether it is in North Carolina, Kansas, New York, or whichever other state. Only recently I saw a cop stop a White man who allegedly killed nine people. The cops arrested him without any incident or brutalizing. Isn't that
what any person should expect from a cop?
Why doesn't that same courtesy shown to a murderous White man, not shown to Black folks? How can a Black man doing nothing more than selling cigarettes end up dead? Why should a Black man be shot to death in his back when he was only running away from the cops?

Yet we continue to use those annoying terms like "loner" and "bad cops" as if to dissociate them from the rest of the "good and decent" White population.

If that is the case why aren't we hearing a greater hue and cry for justice from the majority of White people rather than just a handful when those atrocities are committed?
One exception though. The people of Charleston, both Black and White, came out in droves to express their outrage at the latest incident (Accident, according to Rick Perry) in their city. America would probably be making greater strides to solve race relations If only we can have more examples of White people doing that!