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Forgiveness : an illusory system for veiling wrongs or a system for unveiling wrongs?

From my own personal perspective, based on experiences of my life journey to date, there was a time when horrendous crimes were committed, for example crimes navigating around racial prejudices, a significant number of folks wanted revenge, inclusive of global cries for justice hitting the air particles vibrating in one ears from television reporting, demonstrations etc. However, down the ‘societal change’ media reporting line, it seems that cries for revenge has been seemingly replaced by the act of offering forgiveness. This instantaneous dishing out of forgiveness, to me seems at times like the casting a veil or an increasing thicker veil over the done wrongs, injustices, or malicious acts of wickedness, but everyone have the right to exercise their right to forgive others in the way they see fit, be it based on folks’ spiritual beliefs, myths, doctrines, legends or principles and that of course should be respected.

I believe that the would-be ‘forgivee’ should seek ‘the forgiver’ not the other way round, why should I consider or focus my energy to offer forgiveness when I do not know or comprehend the underlying waves for the committed injustice? Should not folks confess their need for forgiveness before forgiveness is dished out on a plate? How on earth can I say I forgive someone who do not approach me for forgiveness consideration. To date, I have not yet entered the forgiveness camp, and pray, please God that I never have too, - but on a speculatively note, if the need arises, it would call for a period of careful, silent, maybe spiritual guidance if needed, careful reflection before a decision is made, for I feel that forgiving an act however horrendous or trivial the act of forgiveness should be genuine and not dished out to deconstruct or devalue or mystify the seemingly systems of injustice or injustices. Forgiveness should not give way to the formation of a new ‘change ‘style ‘forgiveness system’ which may be seen as a new light of demystifying colour or racial prejudice attacks on members of society. As a descendant of a slave system of an atrocity of horrors, I do not want to assimilate the virtuous act of forgiveness to be forwarded as messages of silencing the horrors of the injustices. I want the act of forgiveness to bring about justice to unsilenced the horrors, not to silence the horrors.

Controversially speaking, for some folks, forgiveness maybe rooted within one’s differing moral and virtuous inner being, and when applicable should be considered and fully exercised to remove illusory veil or varying thickness over prejudiced faces or eyes that block the visions of folks’ moral pathways to solidarity, justice, courage and equality.

Whether one forgive instantly or not at all – does it matter, who cares in this earthly world of forever seemingly injustices based on systems of the past and the present injustices. Thus regardless of whether the miseries of earthly forgiveness seems veiled or unveiled,the revelation of horrors or not, at the end of time, I believe that the veils of earthly forgiveness will be discarded, torn away forever by the loving Hands of the Creator.

May all whose lives have been taken by a system plan of horror, may they all rest in perfect peace, in Jesus' Name Amen.