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The Hidden Scourge of Conservatism

By now, the conscience of those instigators who had nurtured the mind of this predatious assassin must have taken hold, as the victims of this horrific massacre lay comfortable in their graves; a stark reminder of the consequences of an ill society and the demons it can sometimes produce.

Ohhhh what horror, what barbarity of this little deranged serial miscreant; fostered in the belief that decent, hard-working, church-going, God-fearing folks were the enemy and that his demented, psychopathic mentality should prevail to reach a crescendo of this macabre act of violence.

Nine lives he took on this ill-fated day on June 17 at the Emanual African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, where men and women with much superior characters than his, knelt in prayer ritual to their Lord and Master. His murderous display of cowardice, requiring only the scant effort of the weaker Radial Nerves of his Index Finger to pull the trigger, is an attestation to the limited challenges he had posed to his instigators. His adoration for despotic governments, though far removed from his ability to comprehend the severity of their genocidal actions, was further claim of his tormented mind. So it was quite easy for them to mold his little mind with whatever scant amount of "Grey Matter" contained in his Cerebellum as they did not have much to work with from the very onset.

What a tortured, misguided soul; devoid of any semblance of the courage it takes to spear us the anguish of a life-long incarceration and commit to the act of a Coupe de Gra`ce. Instead, and by a further act of convenience, chooses to inconvenience us all by his continued presence; docile and aloof as he is.

Could it be that a geneological mutation process or a predisposition to possessing a serial murderous gene may have left him in such demented state?. Sitting quietly among his victims as they were joined in prayers could have activated its dormancy and tortured him to display such cowardly and ghastly act of defiance even to the creator in that house of worship.

Again, for those Black folks who choose to walk along the path of least resistance and cloak themselves with the sometimes accommodating political connotations of "conservatism" "libertarianism" and right-wing political lineage, little do they know that embedded in that belief are the practitioners of the machiavellian traits with the ulterior motif being that of their own destruction. Their history leaves the likes of Colin Powel, Thomas Sowell, Michael Steele, John Watts and now Ben Carson still searching for a way to salvage whatever moral decency they have left as they too fall prey to that scourge of conservatism.

And for the 'bleeding heart liberals' among us, with the desire to challenge the morality of the death penality, as they search for a comfortable residence for their souls in the after-life, should we now commit our limited resources and house this reptilian little beast for the remainder of his life?

I say, give him his fair trial, then hang him.