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Carmile Holds on to her Counterfeit "Three Dollar Bill"

At a time when the Black community seems to be struggling to find some level of credibility among its rank and file members, the messages comming from our seemingly well-intentioned sanctimonious preachers and pontificators in regards to our perceived lost values cannot bear their weights as our messengers are tainted with lies, deceptive practices and hypocrisy. From the "fall from grace" of the once powerful Chairman of the House Ways and Means Comittee, "Uncle Charlie"; the more recent guilt and eventual gaol sentencing of "up and coming" Congressman Jackson and now the exposure of "three dollar Bill", all envisioned to be pillars of the Black community, they all have prolonged the struggles of the Black man in this sometimes unforgiving and hostile world.

And inasmuch as it pains me to think that we had once held these individuals in such heigh esteem, only to see them crumble and unravele before our very eyes, points not so much to the enormity of their fallible disposition but as haboring the same flawed character as those they choose to deride in public.
I wonder just how the scathing attack on Black men as lacking in morality, accountability and responsibility by Bill in particular get reconciled in his thought processes, knowing fully well that he too is cut from that same loin of cloth?

So as I read the tabloid's account of his admission in a previous deposition he had given in defence of a "settled accusation" where he admittedly purchased and gave quaaludes to women as a prelude to his sexual dalliance/ encounter (forced or otherwise), I cannot imagine that a man whom I had once admired and respected was stooping so low, while finding his pedigree equivalent in that of a common Cockroach ......all respects to Walter Bradley (aka Cockroach) in his 1986-87 series of The Cosby Show.

It seems like Bill too, all along, was wearing his pants below his haaass "with his crack full of mudd" but was covering it up with a long Trench Coat while gentlemanly walking hand in hand with Wife Carmile.

But more to the seriality of the thought processes in this man, is his ability to circumvent the law as he preyed on his victims . One by one, this preditor had spun the web of deceit, trapping the admiration of all as he engaged in his cunningnes and wittiness. The craftiness of this practitioner had provided him with the knowledge that the burden of proof necessary to establish rape would become complicated by the ingestion a foreign substance, simply because it impeeds one's ability to think rationally hence their account could not be fully substantiated.
Bill had meticulously spun that web, leaving many of his accusers to wonder if they were indeed consenting partners in the act or if they had fallen victim to their own indiscretions.

Carmile, on the other hand, seems to be holding on to a denominative three dollar bill marked "legal tender" and with the inscription "in God we trust"