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'Box' pronounciation : Trinidad and Tobago should apologise for this insultive wrong - NOW!

Whilst I do understand that some Grenadian folks with Trinidadian citizenship or whatever, has moved on and are partakers in the hierarchy of the Trinidadian and Tobago government, arts, calypso, or sciences etc. Someone along the authority line on one of the isles should have spoken out on this deplorable, arrogant treatment, nothing short of a humiliating, insultive 'box' word pronunciation issue - and demanded an apology. I am quite surprise that island leaders did not speak out on behalf of the affected 'box' folks! over the years, should this behavioural action be just swept under the carpet or a white sandy beach?

Reflectively, were the Trinidadians authority during that 1950/1960's era such 'perfect' English speakers - with the ability to pronounce the word 'box' like an born native English speaker, to use or add this humiliating ploy to belittle and betray other fellow once enslaved islanders? Even to this day, there are islanders with a noticeable unique 'linguistic vocal twang' which is very and quickly identifiable even by other islanders!

Even in the UK, the differing counties or 'shires folks would pronounce the word 'box' with their different county or 'shire linguistic twang! Would someone from say Liverpool pronounce the word 'box' the same as say a London cockney speaker?

Constantly, we read about global folks seeking apologies for historical or cultural past wrongs, well, I am seeking an apology, from the 2015 Trinidad and Tobago government team for this past historical cultural humiliating wrong to fellow island citizens! As a matter of perpetual communal island upbuilding - an apology should be given NOW, on behalf of the affected still remaining family folks down the generational line during that era.

So, on my platform, I put forth a call for this historical cultural shameful wrong 'box' pronunciation issue to be reviewed and discussed in the Trinidad and Tobago parliament NOW - on the basis that the leaders at that time acted in an arrogant, insultive, derogative, totally unacceptable political manner!