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Re: gogouyave.com turn 12 today

CONGRATS gogouyave.com for reaching your 12th birthday,And thanks DJ and all your assistants for doing a no paid service in bringing some very interested news to all GRENADIANS,THE WORLD,and all other island folks,(THANKS)

Re: gogouyave.com turn 12 today

Happy 12th birthday gogouyave.com, you see trouble sometimes but like all things from Gouyave you survive. Congratulations and thanks to Arthur and everyone who contributed to the success of gogouyave.com.

Re: gogouyave.com turn 12 today

Arthur, said you,

>>>>>" Many times i wondered why did I give myself that work?"<<<<<<

The answer is, you are a true Gouyaveman to your bones who is in a class by himself and whose unquestionably commitment to the people of our town remains unwavering. Your tireless efforts can only be measured by the joy you bring to others from the reunion of old friendships; the laughter and the schrupesing.

And for those of us who definitely are in need of psychiatric help, you provide us with our own "Pink House" (Crazy House, for some of you) where we can converse with ourselves without having to pay any Psychiatrist.

So if you are still wondering why you gave yourself that work, is because you felt sorry for us and without you, some of us may break ah gaol.

Thank you for those 12 years Artie, you are indeed Miss Lyris "bestest" chile.

Re: gogouyave.com turn 12 today

Thanks for your perseverance, Artie! LOL

Re: gogouyave.com turn 12 today

Thanks Arthur, it is quite an honor to visit this Site and when possible be part of the many discussion held here, keep up the good work, much thanks.

Re: gogouyave.com turn 12 today

hi author thank you, it keeps abreast with what's going on home.

thank you again, see you in two weeks.