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John H. Hutton of Gouyave died

Since his nickname was not listed in the Obituary to easily identify who the deceased John Hutton was, I won't be brash to violate the family's wishes. So I will also refrain from using it.
However, I won't be surprised that many, like Melo and probably Vernon too, who knew the man so well, are scratching their heads to figure out who the late John Hutton was, for no other reason than his well-known nickname was not stated. So for those who argue against the use of nicknames, here is a case in point.

Oh yes, nicknames do have their value!

However that's not to suggest that however degrading and outrageous a nickname is, it must always be used for easy and quick identification. Not at all. That decision should always be the family's choice whether it's a nickname as mundane as Too-too-Pride or awful as some I can't mention.

My deepest condolences are extended to the relatives whom I know of John Hutton, as well as his immediate family. May he rest in peace.

Re: John H. Hutton of Gouyave died

HEY tony its only because I read the death news I new who JOHN HUTTON is didn't have a clue that was his real name,i only know him as barrito and that's the honest truth, WISHING all of his family and friends my CONDOLENCE and may he rest in peace,