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Where is the similar hue and cry?

The number has now increased from 41 to 44 and don't be surprised if it continues to rise. The Turkish people have lost that many of their fellow-citizens in another of those almost daily occurrences of horrific bombings, shootings and whatever else that they do, in Istanbul.

I well remember the outrageous volume that followed on this site as well as on other social media when the target was Paris, and then Brussels. I could have sworn that many of us were ready to take up arms and join the French to wipe out Isis. Yet there is hardly a murmur from us this time! why?

Some chastised me for being too critical as I noted the outburst of outrage in the case of the French, but so very, very little in the case of the Boko Harrum in Nigeria, occurring shortly after Paris. If I was being too sensitive, may I again ask why not a similar outburst to support the Turks? Aren't they people too? Don't they bleed and suffer like anyone else? Aren't their lives valuable too?
Or are our supposed righteousness reserved only when Western Europeans and Americans are massacred? Evil is evil regardless of whom the victims are.