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With Independence, Liberty and Belly, "ah doh fraid to call he name"

Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

How could you have been so cruel into leading our blinded Grenadian so-called revolutionary friend Down Street, into believing that you were going to carry out a revolution against the establishment without any guns?

Tell me Bernie,

How, with the knowledge of the the Chinese Revolution dating back to 1912; the Russian Revolution of 1917; the Cuban Revolution of 1956; the Iranian Revolution of 1978; and " the Mother of all revos"....lol, the Grenadian Revolution of 1979 just to name a few, could you exercise such tomfoolery into believing you could  thief rich people money and give it to your supporters, just so!?

Bernie, is AK 47's you need to carry out this kind ah thing, boi! not pontificating from ah dam Pulpit and pointing you dash! finger in we face. Ask Castro, he knows and could have advised you on how to do it.

Look! Bernie, I find it hard to believe that you had ignored the basic fundamentals of the US government construct and suckered all Down Street out of his small  pocket change to support you in this ill-faited scccchu-pid!ness of yours. If you want to challenge the establishment, you have to get some metal and place the Senate, the House and all dem dissenters under heavy manners.

You have to give the Supreme Court members ah good cut-haaaas for dem schupid rulings they made over the years; especially that Thomas fella, you have to box im up in public for his dottishness. Better yet, have him wear a Black Stiletto to match that  oversized dress he duz wear.

But Bernie, oye! how on earth did you expect House Speaker, Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader,  Mich McConnell to get 66 House and Senate members to support you?  This Socialist Revolutionary Manifesto of yours that calls for the dismantling of the status quo and replace it instead, with an economic redistribution model; how was dat going to work with Paul and Mich standing in your way?

Worse yet Bernie, you had chosen to send Down Street (of all people)to deliver this message?

You have light!?

No wonder why Hillary had to take this unprecedented step to sabotage you haaaas before you even start; having over 80 Super Delegates committed to her, long before any votes were cast; dat's democracy boi and the more you cut she haaaas, the more Delegates she gets; dats proportional distribution. How come you and Down Street din know about dat, eh! instead you sucker him into delivering your message, thinking that he was going to get ah likkle pang-qui when you win.

But the dottish likkle yellow-belly dimwitt from the South Side  delivered your message in a manner that only he! can.

Hear him wid he bad Lower Depradine revolutionary parlance,

"Good manning Mr. Ryan, Sah!,  Mr. Saunders sen me to tell you dat we is about to have ah revolution. Ah came since day-before but all you was busy in planning all you dirty tricks against the POTUS, so the doorman din let me in".

He say "all you Republicans, doing the evil work of rich people, is taking too much money from we poor people and keeping dem poor. Instead, we want you, Mr. Ryan and Mr. McConnell to pass ah law to stop dat".

Burnie also say, "he want all you to pass ah law to mimic the Cuban model so we could get the following:

• Free education
• Free health care
• Free housing
• Three months vacation each year just like in Europe
•Ah three day work week
• Reduced consumerism
• Ah national holiday for LGBT (so ah kud go shopping)

And if we doh get dat, the revolution go start tomorrow please God".

Mr. Ryan, can I have ah likkle sanguish to eat?
Ah really peck and ah doh have money.


Re: With Independence, Liberty and Belly, "ah doh fraid to call he name"

Vernon Louison
Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

>>>>How could you have been so cruel into leading our blinded Grenadian so-called revolutionary friend Down Street, into believing that you were going to carry out a revolution against the establishment without any guns?<<<<

Vernie Vernie, so now you picking on Bernie, and you somehow have to put me name in you thing. Here I am enjoying me jacks broth, Boi dey running ashore Down Street since we embargo dem from going pass the Pool.So ah dey enjaying the brime, when ah fellah say,allyu doh hear what dat Vernon say about Down Street?

Next ting I read, Im ah Bernie supporter, ah socialist and ah Revolutionary who want to take from the rich and give to the poor. Since I have never espoused ANY of those views,here,one should assume that the writer is either working on a fiction novel, or a comedy skit'. Others might say he is auditioning for a PR job with Donald Trump, or with the propoganda arm of ISIS.

Whether it is he lasting effects of Babbash and Clarkes Court from 29th June, or the Courvoisser served up at your nighbours, the Goldbergs suburban BBq, that got to you, when the fog clears, you would agree that Bernie's proposals are not altogether outlandish as you suggest, many of them are already in effect in Europe and North America, and all that is needed is a little tweaking by Hilary.Furthermore the concept of sharing the wealth is not a novel one to Downstreeters our Southern Hospitatity is legendary in the City that never sleeps.Once Bernies policies kick in you will be making it rain on the Left Bank.

It does not surprize me that a 'young pioneer' like yourself is now throwing your cherished Revo under the bus.Was'nt it you marching up and down with yor stick gun in the hot sun? See Vernie, if we Down Street folks want to know who move in next door, or what is their politics, we politely knock on the door, and then we say to the person,in your best L'ansian accent, "Hi Im Vernon from the L anse, and would be pleased to make your acquaintance." We do not throw ah big-stone through the window, and then say, "aye is you dat in dey".

So about all those things that you have falsely acused me of, I think Bernie should have retired to Vermont a month ago, and stop acting like a spoiler in a zero sum game. He lost, now take a rest and let Hilary expose your idol Trump, for the money grubbing chalartan capitalist that he is. Champion of the poor and the uneducated my rass.You still have that "Lets make the L"anse great again cap?

But as I said, you are a fisherman at heart,and in the didital age we would say that you are phishing, or trolling for me to bite,You cast your seine hoping to ketch something anything, Ballahoo, Zuffie, grunt, anything. Then you cast a line but I aint takin you bait, "petit neg' done eat it arreddy.

So the good people of the South side are wondering why you would be so dastardly, as to tarnish the good reputation of a Southern gentleman, and I had to explain that it goes back to your deep seated displeasure with the very exisence of landed gentry to the South. It haunts you night and day,and Like the Tea Party causes you to vote against your interest,rather than accept Southern hospitality. xenophobia is deep.Oh and by the way you have to pay for the glass window, or is Crompton in you rass.

Re: With Independence, Liberty and Belly, "ah doh fraid to call he name"


Thanks again for the indulgence and for your equitable distribution of conversational "licks/blose"; something that only the seasoned debator can appreciate, especially when done without any malice but with tongue in cheek. I usually reserve these method of communication for individuals whom I have a personal acquaintance with but I have decided to violate my erring on the side of caution rule so as to give you the opportunity to be a Gentleman or Lady (I do not know)which you failed at miserably.....Lol

So when sometime last month, after your brief sabbatical from Gogouyave and when you brought your skin back here saying that the topics we were discussing were above your level of compression, and too complicated for your taste, "ah knew you were dam! lying!".

Reading your responses to me and Mello, I concluded that you must be some Salupue, taking advantage of the decent church-going people of Down Street by posing like a Southern Monsieur. However, with your varying style of good penmanship and verbiage usage indicative of a forger, I have decided to refrain from any communication with you for fear that my good name and character would be besmirched and maybe irreparable.

On a parting note, I have decided to provide you with this link (copy and paste in your browser..https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bshHSBD3fFM) which I believe is apropo in summarizing your noted linguistic accumen as demonstrated in our dialog. And although  The Mighty Sparrow made mention of the unmannerly characteristics of "cacapool rum drinkers" in this rendition, I can safely say that you, the good Southern Gentleman that you are, certainly do not fall in that category......Lol

V "J" L

Re: With Independence, Liberty and Belly, "ah doh fraid to call he name"

Vern, thanks for your kind words and thanks especially for the exhilarating discourse, which allowed me to rediscover and exercise my colloquial linguistic muscles which I thought had long atrophied. I would hope that we would be able to share views on topics outside of the context of Gouyave, from time to time.

As for your identity rule, for me it is great that this platform allows some measure of anonymity, because it allows one to focus on the message, and not the messenger, a trait which runs contra to our Grenadian Culture. Maybe it is our insularity, or a built in safeguard against cohabiting within one's blood line, like Scrunter say "That is you family", whatever it is, there seems to be an insatiable craving among Spice Islanders to know the family trees and everything about everybody.From cradle to grave. Could it be that the internet, Face book and instagram, was invented by one of us? Or was the idea stolen by a tourist vacationing on Grand Anse? Hmmm.

I was not lying when I said that the level of discourse here is often way above my academic and comprehensive acumen, I readily acknowledge my limitations, and pay tribute to superior minds.I am simply grateful for the opportunity to participate on occasions, without being thrashed and then trashed.

I cannot leave without a parting word about your favourite Bistro. It is my understanding than in the wake of the Brexit Jacks embargo, Mama San has resorted to importing her delicacies from abroad.Her new menu boasts: Dogfish from the English Channel, Catfish from the Gulf of Mexico, and in tribute to the Left Bank, from the Amazon Jungle, the "piece D' Resistance" Fer d' L'anse, please excuse my Francais.