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Re: When Prey Fights Back

Vernon, am going to take a jab at this poem if that is what it is and hopefully I do not disappoint you here. I take it that this piece can be a reflection of the bad john mentality of the cops in the USA and their behavior towards the black man. For so many pass actions and most recently the last two weeks we have noticed a continuance of a behavior that is similar to the lion and how he behaves in the jungle , king of the jungle I can do what ever I like with no questions asked until one day he finally meets his breaker. Black man has been taken for granted for so long in this big old USA, that the Lion /Cops feels that their run things and their can do what ever they please, until black man has finally woke up and say to the lion/cops enough is enough is time for you to feel what it is like to be on the other side. Am not in agreement of what is happening to them lions but am not in disagreement either. Vernon I hope I did not disappoint you here.

Re: When Prey Fights Back

Wilton, me Brother!

Allow me to place my response to you in the proper context of History by setting the stage for the goings-on in the Caribbean, in particular Trinidad and Tobago.

It was around the latter half of the1960's in TnT. The Prime Minister at the time was Dr. Eric Williams; Carl Hudson Philip ( Grenadian) was his Attorney General.  It was also the time when the Black Power movement was beginning to be seen as a challenge to The Doc's leadership, with the threat of overthrowing the government. Hollis Liverpool was a Black Nationalist and one of Eric William's more vocal antagonist.

The Doc had invoked the Sedition Act in order to quell any uprising and Carl Hudson Philip was the Administrator of that act.

Hollis, upon realizing that he might be in a pickle for his continuous haranguing of the PM, counter-acted Eric with the social commentary kaiso, dubbed "Ah fraid Carl".

In that commentary, Chalkdust gave one of the reasons for his fright of Carl by singing "ah really can't make ah jail, the Cocoa and Split Peas go kill my tail".

But as a Gouyaveman who is accustom to drinking Cocoa Tea and enjoying a good Split Pea soup, the concern for my "tail" is neither of these two treats that frighten Chalkie....lol

I hope you understand my predicament for not wanting to provide a more direct reply.

One must always know how to phrase their lines, boi and using the Queen's language can land you in Gaol. Lol


Re: When Prey Fights Back

Hi Vernon, I read your piece and was wondering where you were going with your response. I see that you have good memories and you could also pass for a great history teacher. I was some what disappointed because I was looking for a healthy debate hare but with due respect I will honor your decision to refrain from the direct response I was looking for.