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Where are you, Zafar?

Hey Zafar Suraleigh, where in the world are you?

You've been noticeably absent for quite some time now? Sure enough there a lots of things on which you and I, and I won't be surprised many others too, fundamentally disagree, but that does not mean you should cease from saying whatever you want to say. Man your tit-for-tat debate with Vernon was very informative, and even entertaining, so why are you depriving us of more?

Arthur Hosten went at length to make clear that his TALKSHOP was an open forum for anyone to post his/her view points. His only insistence is that it be kept clean and avoid personal attacks.

With that said, please let the forum know if you still view Donald Trump as the lesser of the two presidential evils. Yes, Mrs. CLinton is filled with flaws, and too often becomes her worst enemy, but even those pale into insignificance vis-a-vis what the Don says and does?

Anyone who deliberately got rid of his existing staff to replace it with a bona fide racist and white supremacist to be the CEO of his presidential campaign, is in effect telling us as a Black people to beware of what he is about to unleash on us should he become our next POTUS.

Yet the guy had the b..ls to appeal to African Americans for their vote demanding in his most condescending tone "What the hell do you have to lose?"

Who "the hell" is this guy? Looking forward to a clarification from you.