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Today I received very sad news about two of my dearest people in my life. Clara Small and Walston Romain AKA FIGS. Clara and I grew up together under the watchful eyes of Teacher Daisy (Cha). Whenever I go back home we used to reminisce about the crazy things we used to do. May her soul rest in peace. Figs was my first boyfriend. He was kind and a gentleman. People always say that he was my lifetime friend. He was someone whom I will never forget. May his soul rest in peace


So sorry to hear about Clara. I always think of the Smalls/Fergusons as family and always made it up to the L'anse to see Clara on my visits to Grenada. To all the members of the family, her sons, brother Clarence, Marlene/Dawne, Marcia, and the so many others too numerous to mention, I extend my most sincere condolences on her passing. I know how much she will be missed and my thoughts are very much with you.

Also, my condolences to and my thoughts are with the families of Janet Butler and Figs.



There was Chloe, and now Clara who I thought would always be there to go way back in ole talk whenever I visited Gouyave, But as they say all good things must come to an end.
My sincere condolences are extended to my dear sister-in-law, Millie Small-DeCoteau, Clarence and the rest of the family. May Clara rest in peace.


I had the greatest thrill upstairs the library back in 2013 when I presented my book, A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE, to our Gouyave folks. Walston "Figs" Romain especially couldn't help laughing his head out as we focused on the chapter entitled "The Tailor Shop." At the end of the session, Figs and I talked about many other happenings in the Tailor shop that I chose to leave out for fear of making the story much too long. How much more could I have written about those days in his Tailor Shop!!
We talked about Ming/Copie, Apu, and some of the other characters who were fixtures in the shop. Of course we talked about football and the current state of things in Gouyave. What a guy!! Thanks so much for enjoying the tributes paid to you in the pages of A PLACE CALLED GOUYAVE.

To his sister Teacher Merle, my old elementary school teacher, and other relatives please accept my deepest sympathy on the passing of a dear friend, who as someone else stated was a true Gouyave icon.

Gone but not forgotten, rest in peace my friend.


I am very saddened to hear of the passing that is going on in gouyave at d moment,all popular,likable and well known gouyave persons,sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask is it really true that these persons have passed away. JANET,FIGS,CLARA,all truly icons in their own rights.To the Family and friends of JANET,FIGS.AND CLARA,my Condolence, and may they REST IN PEACE,