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Re: Ordinary people

Thank you, AM, for not going way off on a tangent beyond what I wanted to say in my post. Perhaps the confusion should be blamed on my winded verbosity (copying Vernon, lol).

It does appear that the point I tried to make escaped many of the posters. So I am trying once again in as simple and direct a way as I possibly can.

My point was only to compare the way professionals acted and behaved when I was a teenager, and how they act and behave today.

Hence my reason for recalling how normal "ordinary" behavior like dancing to Caribbean music, or even singing a calypso was something you'd rarely see yesteryear's professionals doing, if at all. As much as I loved and respected my elementary school-teachers, it was impossible for me to imagine, much less see, Teacher Daisy or Mr. Eli Peters or Mr. A E Williams dancing to, or singing calypsoes.
That's just who they were, or how they believed they should act/behave!

That's why I knew I was going to have a hard time emulating them should I one day become a professional like them.
That's why it gives me so much pleasure seeing my professional friends acting and behaving so completely opposite and different today.

That's why I recalled that while "ole-talking," some of us GBSS students would say that we couldn't imagine some of our "masters" actually participating in the act of procreation, even though many of them were fathers. It was impossible in our minds that they would or even could use a "bad word." Oh, how we loved Mr. Otto "Bozo" George! He was the lone exception who had no embarrassment expressing himself in "ordinary" terms for his students to understand what he meant by the swinging pendulum. He had us laughing like mad, although his stern stare would make us shut up immediately realizing that we were in a Physics classroom.
Other than Mr. George, those "masters" used to act so stiff and upright that they seemed to lose all semblance of normalcy, "or ordinariness" if you will.

That is why I wrote that post. Because Mama's question took me back to those days, and prompted me to compare them to how I see professionals behaving today.

Most of my daughter's friends that Mama was meeting had been known by her from way back in secondary especially, and college who went on to become those professionals.
Remembering how long-ago professionals used to behave, Mama told us that she couldn't bring herself to believe that her grand-daughter's friends could behave as ordinary people normally do, like having a good time while dancing to reggae, soca and soul music. To paraphrase her, she was glad to see that they didn't lose who they were in the process.

AM, I thought that point would have been very easy to recognize and couldn't believe Zafar ascribing so way out a meaning to Mama question of:-
>>Do you have any down-to-earth friends, who are not pretentious, who are not suffering from superiority complex, who are not always trying to make impression.
I can almost feel the trauma this down to earth poor old lady must have felt sitting between the so call sophisticated doctors, nurse-practitioners etc. so traumatize that she was force to ask what she asked.<<

More and more I can see why we are always warned about the word assume. Consider the letters that make up its composition and you'll see how true the warnning is.