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The Stone, The Beast, Your Money and Your Food

And I saw a stone that was not cut by the hands of man. And it hit the Beast at the feet where the iron and sand were mixed. And the Beast fell. And the wind carried the remnant of the Beast away. And the Beast was never seen again.

Source - Book of Revelation

And I saw a space capsule landed on a large plateau. And He who came out of it was a slim Black man who put his right hand on his chest and his left hand pointing upward and said "Peace". And happiness filled my heart until I say only top white generals and white officials protecting him. I suddenly became worried and went closer to have a better look. And the spirit said to me, He that shall come will be black, but He whom you are looking at is not him. This one is a deceiver and a traitor. And I began flying spreading the word. But neither the millions of blacks, Whites, Chinese, Indians, etc., who came to the plateau to worship him listened to me.

Source - A dream from the late 80s.

For those who have stored large 401K plans, pension plans and big bank accounts, etc. Now is the time to withdraw some and enjoy a good fish broth like I have been doing. For soon cometh a time when the your money will either be useless or cannot be touched.

Source - Unknown

And I saw former president Bush taking away the food from the people. And I asked OBAMA why is Bush doing that. And He replied let him takeaway their food. And millions of people were running, trying to protect their food. And I ran to the mountain with whatever little I have. And on top of the mountain was a bright light and my dead uncle came and took away the food from me.

Source - Just a dream

So ah de buy it so ah selling it. Make what you want out of it.