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Timeless Existence

Sometimes I take to reflection. I am just sharing my thoughts a slight detour from the usual.

Timeless Existence

I walk the tightrope of life
My mind drawn to the pass and future
I am distracted as life, the moment, attempts to escape.
The case is made for the future
To live the things I did not do in the pass.
As the present slips by unlived to prolong the battle,
A battle of the pass and the future.
Be not anxious about tomorrow we are implored by the Holy writ,
Because it keeps us focused on the failures of the pass
That we try to relive through projections into the future,
While we fail to live in the now, the moment that is life.

The pass, a tapestry of an unlived life, incomplete;
The missing pieces lost to the imagination, the future.
Life still unrealized, missed again as the battle rages,
On both sides of the sliver we are given too trod
Blindfolded by the illusion of the existence of time,
When at zero point between pass and future there is life
A timeless existence of bliss that we miss.
Heed not the pass
Project not into the future
Live in the present, the moment.
Timeless existence
A macrocosm in a bubble, a point without time.

Michael Sutherland ©

Re: Timeless Existence

Some very powerful and thought-provoking words of introspection there, Mya; those that come with maturity and the appreciation of a life well lived.

As our twilight years seems quickly approcahing around the bend, it behooves all of us to reflect back on our lives and answer the question.... have we lived it in accordance to the expectations of The Master? And if our conscience can answer with an affirmative, YES! then we can say, all praises to him for his gift to each and every one of us.

Nice words, Bro.