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Did the Director drop the ball

Did FBI Director Comey make a mistake by taking the unprecedented step of disclosing information to the public about an ongoing case or investigation?

The Director Chose to release information about an ongoing investigation without having fully vetted the information and ascertaining their relevance to the Hillary Email server issue. This leaves tremendous speculation as to the intentions behind this horrendous decision to essentially, willfully or as an unintended consequence influence the Presidential elections with just days left. Comey has shown great character throughout his career and was highly regarded by both Republicans and Democrats, so what happened here to have a souring effect on his carefully constructed character motif.

Was this the October surprise the Republicans were hinting all along, and the executions of another phase of the scotched earth approach to battle that they have adopted throughout the election contests? Let us remember that Comey is a lifelong Republican and that is important as he is infected with that cult mentality that has been demonstrated in their dealings in Congress taking an all or nothing approach even at the expense of shutting down the Government. Their votes are usually 100% across the board and they are solid behind the notion of rejecting anything that originates from the Desk of President Obama. We all can remember that even before the president officially took office it was iterated by Mitch that there is but one goal and that is to make the President fail. They fortunately failed to stop his progress and in the process destroyed themselves resulting in them turning on each other and we can see where they are at the moment – you point one finger at someone and you have 3 pointing back at you.

The Republicans exist within a “Cult” mentality and that is the premise of my assertion that Comey faltered to the only thing he could do, as he over his lifetime of been a Republican has been hardwired to act in programmed manner. It is a human condition to revert to the things we are most comfortable with, and to the things that would ensure our survival after all it is a basic instinct for self-preservation and that of the species. You know if you domesticate a tiger it will be fine until it accidentally scratches you and you happen to bleed then it reverts to its natural instincts and that is what I believe happened to Comey. Comey defaulted to the Cult programming or being a lifelong Republican period.

This is my take on this issue.

Re: Did the Director drop the ball

Comey did not drop the ball, he dropped a pound of sugar on the scale, pretending that it was a half pound weight. He yielded to the pressure applied by his fellow Repubs, to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat,a defeat which would not only usher in a Democratic administration for 8 years, but spell the demise of the Republican party as we know it, and change America cataclysmically for ever. That is just what is at stake for the hand-basket of deplorables, on their way to "political hell".

Re: Did the Director drop the ball

Mya, that was not a mistake; it was a willful act.