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Re: Downstreetarians....The Question of Now! is How!?

Monsieur Vernon, I thought that you had taken your marbles and went home crying to mama, especially since anoder French fellah, bold facedly accuse moi, of taking cheap shots at you. However I must apologise, for your eloquent soliloquy on the impact of globalism on world economies, only caught my eye today. You see for the last five days, I was under Mango Palmer, spying for jacks, and as you well know, "dey aint any wi fi dung dey".

Your sentiments regarding the dilemma that we spice Islanders find ourselves , was as usual thoughtful and introspective, and in some ways reminiscent of my responses to that other "Northern Light", Tony De.Allyou are so luminescent, that Downstreetians look up dey and call alyu Loogaroo, or, so that you would understand "Loup garoux."

Our dependence on Foreign Aid, is a direct result of not having anything of value to trade.In the 18th and 19th centuries when we were sugar producers England and France used to kill for us,evidenced by the fact that you are from the French quarter, and I am from Charlottetown.Then during 20th Century, Mutha used to buy up all we cocoa, nutmegs and bananas, until de WTO jumped in and said "its Globalization time".

The younger folks who were told to get leave the land and focus on getting a "good" job, found no jobs at home and fled, to "Foreign". We have since become that biblical lost tribe, wandering in the economic wilderness, for the passed forty years. We the Downstreetians are waiting with baited breath, for edicts from you the patricians from the north, to arrest the death spiral that we are in, and set us on a course to prosperity. Manna flows from North to South, they say. We waiting.