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Re: Re : A legacy of migration greetings Tony and Vernon

Downstreet, I admire your style and enjoy your contribution to this forum and frankly I take the message for what it is and not who wrote it. I admire your exercise of wisdom and understanding of the dynamic of this forum and I like the fact that you maintain your anonymity I feel your continuing to be an enigma here is driving some people crazy but I feel that you should continue to keep it that way. It is my personal feeling that the pressure to unveil you is a dynamic that will lead to a focus on the messenger rather than the message, to put it mildly. There is a saying that a prophet has no honor in his own place; “but isn’t he just the carpenter’s son?”
We have noticed that no one asks for the identity of “just a note” or the newcomer “hammer”. Why? As for my handle I am probably better known by that name that my proper name, so to speak.

The topic started with a very interesting topic “A legacy of migration” and it struggled to get some traction but soon as Downstreet dropped an exit line “ah school a jacks jes break around the point, blow de whistle bwoy, wake up Capt. Jimbo.” The thread takes off, and Off track so I ask did we really leave it behind or just masquerading under some pretense. Why is it that we revert time and time to this clique mentality which seems to kill the participation in the forum?

Re: Re : A legacy of migration greetings Tony and Vernon

You are quite right Maya. A topic like that is far too far-reaching to get bogged down by what is essentially a triviality. It was just my curiosity that took us off the path. So let's get back to the substance.
I hope you would contribute to the new topic "Migration and its legacies."

Re: Re : A legacy of migration greetings Tony and Vernon

Thank you Mya, your contribution to this forum has been highly informative, insightful and hopefully beneficial to all.I cannot say that I threw in the "JACKS" as bait, nor would I be in anyway critical of those who went for it. A forum on the World Wide Web, will attract a wide cross-section of people, who would get a plethora of meanings and uses out of it. Thank you. and have a nice day.