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The Enigma that is America

Maya I too would hate for us to get sidetracked regarding the Migration topic. It definitely deserves its own thread, but so does your "sidebar" topic.
Perhaps then opening up a new thread "The Enigma that is America" would be fitting to allow us to express our feelings about president-elect Donald Trump and his pending new administration. Hopefully that separation would be appropriate to keep them apart and prevent us from inadvertently merging the two together.

How is it possible that America could defy the odds and vote a Black man to be its president in 2008 and continued to defy precedence by re-electing him in 2012? Lets be reminded that those two magnificent achievements came about despite the protestations of the rabid Republicans who vowed to make sure that Mr. Obama's term would be limited to once.

And it's here that the enigma has shown its face. For that same country and electorate made a 180 degree turn around, and voted Donald Trump into office in 2016!!
How was it possible that a perfect gentleman could be replaced by the most depraved, vulgar, foul-mouthed "two-tongue bobby" and rabid racist named Donald Trump to be president of the United States? What on earth is going on?

It would make some sense if there was something admirable about this Republican candidate. It would make sense if the electorates had suddenly begun to hate the outgoing president, and therefore decided to have nothing to do with any of his surrogates. But they didn't. If they did, how then do we explain President Obama's unbelievable poll ratings as he takes his final bow? How do we also explain Michelle Obama's even higher ratings?

That's the American enigma that is so downright confusing for many Americans and folks around the world.

P.S: Just a suggestion, Maya. Maybe you can copy your side-bar post and attach it onto this new thread where it is far more appropriate.