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Street is back in Town.ah reach.

Well when I see how crazy Americans could get, I had to head for the hills. I figure jes in case dem Yankees want to settle some scores left over from 1983.Now most people figger dat is done with, but dat Donald Chump may jes be on he Twitter on October 25th when Peggy and dem Revos, wuz doing dey ting up on de Fort, tinking dat nobody watching,an BAM, the Chump see dat, an seeing as how he did not get to pelt a few kick and cuff in the first fight in 83, dis is his chance. Nevah truss ah Frenchman or ah fella wid agent-orange hair..

So I went to the mountains to cool my head, well fellas is winter up deh. I wuz tinking ah go have to arx cousin Vern to send down ah winter coat on de next JCB express for Chrismus. Dey aint no Wi- Fi up dey but ah eat all de manicou tattoo ah could find. When dat done, dey come wid de monkey, ah had to draw de line . Uh Uh, no primate meat for me, I dont mess wid mudder nature dat way.Revolution is one ting, Evolution? not me, no sireee. To make it worse dey run outta "babbash" ah immediately jump ah truck and get outta dey like ah bat outta hell.

No sooner than I hit Downstreet, ah run into me pardner Mongoose. He say Street, bwoy is you? ah say yes Mongoose is me. He say bwoy doh call me dat, me new name is Talkshop Selwyn. Talkshop Selwyn? wha kinda name is dat, he say is Vernon dat call you dat, the man was scandalizing you name behind you back,saying you cant count, you see how dat Frenchman fasss? As ah know you wuz in Clozier, ah had to take up for you, so ah answer,an now dat name go stick wid me till ah ded.Ah fraid dey go put it in de Go Gouyave obitributary instead of me real name, Peter Joseph. Oooopps, ah shouldnt say dat.

Well Vernon Oye, de Street is back, wid ah full belly of bushmeat and babbash. About dat winter coat? keep it for the nuclear winter dats coming.