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Re: Happy Thanksgiving, if possible

Well happy Thanksgiving to you folks up in the cold,although that holiday seems to always carry a heavy price,not only for the turkeys and the overeaters,but for innocent and gullible participants as well.

At the very first Thanksgiving,the Indians lost their entire homeland,and ended up in reservations, without having to make reservations for their lengthy stay. Today they have to reserve and pay for however, are tickets to sporting events with named Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins, and Florida. Seminoles.

And then in 1983 Grenada lost its innocence, as Reagan's military revealed to the Spiceislanders that the images from the Buonaparte and Regal theaters which they thought was real, really was. Like a child who had just received his first flu shot, we were given, a brand new American holiday toy to play with,donated by Uncle Sam, in place of meaningful developmental assistance. Not wanting to be accused of ingratitude,I must say they did open up the brain drains,and inspired a new chapter for Tony's soon to be released new book,THE LEGACY OF MIGRATION,a bestseller, is there ever was one.

And now poetic justice has finally visited the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Cowardly. With the Rise of the Racists, and the Trump Presidency,Thanksgiving doesn't seem to be so happy anymore. Old people used to say if you live long enough, you will one day see below black ants belly.

While you fellas are up dey digesting day, and De big bird from Sesame Street. This Street is going back to Closer dis weekend, where a sumptuous menu of manicou, tattou, guana (tastes like chicken so dey call it Grenada mountain chicken).and crayfish aka freshwater seafood,is stewing as we speak.

Day say Cudden Vern fingaz so cold he can't even type, and he mouth so full of dat dry bird, if he try to dictate he go choke, you tink it easy.