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Re: Rest In Peace - iconic Global Leader and Champion of the Cuban nation


Said you on El Commandente,

"You are the perfect epitome of "one man's freedonm fighter is another man's terrorist".

It is one thing to morne the individual with praises and accolades, even embellishing at times, their lives achievements and their effects on others. But to follow up with an epitomization of their character with a connotation of the ultimate in infamous "false equivalent", brings into forcus the question of their true character and whether or not they should be embraced and celebrated.

In my humble opinion, within the realm of human decency that forms the moral compass by which we all should be guided, that calibration cannot incorporate the terrorist side of any equation, regardless of the outcome. To do that, is to accept another false equation with the belief that "the ends would always justify the means". Surely, there is a plethora of evidence in the History of man to support his horrific acts but to encourage these ghastliness  of violence on the innocent of society is to legitimize terror with a justification of its use while questioning whether it really brings us the freedom we seek.

One can now ask, are the Cuban people now free? And if the answer is ....."Yes" from outside influences? Can we also answer 'yes' to those domestic influences who wear the regaler of the terrorists  now posing as"freedom fighters" and who bought them that so called "freedom" in the first place?. If that answer is also 'yes' then how does the populace protect themselves for them when they attain power?

I hope now you would see the double-edge sword of this accolade.