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Re: Grenada's Renaissance, updating an old post.

>>>>>>Whether you were driven by your warlike nature responding to that subliminal message or by your primal urges to ingest something that you fantasize as "Koon Koon of the Sea," i am sure you enjoyed it and considered it money well spent.<<<<<<

When Tony De heard dat, he said to me,

"boi! You have money to waste!?
Ah en spending ah black cent for it, ah does get it for free".

Some people lucky we?

>>>>>And speaking about food, ah hear, because I do not go up dey, that two species known as Bowbowipus L'ansepus, and pussycatipus maximus, have been extinct from the North Side since Mama San set up her culinary establishment hard by Boykeville<<<<<
You see you!?
You have cuss!
Ah have to watch me self wid you because
you is ah dangerous fella......lol