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Re: A Setback to "Our Renaissance" With the Shackles of The Crown

>>>>>>>Bro, at the risk of placing you on the endangered species list for saying this, there are those who are of the opinion that the Revo of 1979 ....."a chance to get free stuff", was the cure for Grenada's disease that continued up to that period.<<<<<<<

Well I am still awaiting apologies from those misguided salesmen of the snake-oil, which was supposed to cue the ills of Gairyism and our diseased Grenadian society, but I suspect that apology will never come. Seeing as how they are so busy chasing the same Capitalist Dollar, at home and abroad, which supposedly sickened us back then.

>>>>>>>But for those of us blessed with long memories and with understanding of the evolution of unrest, 1979 was a mere coalescing of "the privileged" for a continuation of their Grandfather's desire to hold on to economic power at any cost. I called it "Granpa's revenge"and if you had looked at some of the players involved, it was just that.<<<<<<<

Vern, ah fellah that was around dat time told me of an encounter with a youngster who claimed to be from a group called "Forum" who was interacting with groups which wee forerunners of the NJM.When my friend ask who were involved and he head the list, he said Bwoy, cant you see that these guys are trying to protect their father's property, dem high class fellahs have nutten to do with we.

>>>>>But seriously though, I thought our lost opportunity came four years earlier, in 1962 with the demise of the West Indian Federation. It was the proverbial .Just imagine if it had come to fruition as " the United States of the West Indies" we would have been 54 years ahead on our way to that renaissance.<<<<<<

Sure you"re right. The shortsightedness of the leadership of the day, inserted a flaw in the DNA of our Caribbean community, which would continue to plague us for Generations. The fact that we have to do referendums to join the CCJ today would be laughable if not sad. Had the oversized egos allowed us to naturally come together back in the 60's, the CCJ would have been automatically included, as butter to bread.

>>>>>>>>>On this one you will get a Amen to that but I would prefer if you did the snatching and Tony free their heads.
This ridiculous attire should be illegal and should come with Gaol time for any violations. "Ah saw a pic of one ah dem, ah grown Black man in full colorful robe wearing one ah dem wig. Not even dem Vieacois Designers from Grampovia could beat back that look"<<<<<<<<<<<<

So you are declining my offer to act like a statesman, and dewig those cats.I was simply affording you an opportunity to channel the NOTORIOUS EMG, and earn an instant legacy, to be the subject of rum shop banter 50 years after you have departed for the big seine boat in the sky. Tisk Tisk you must be one of those new Gren X Guaverians.