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Re: My Open Letter to Lady Liberty


While I try to keep an open mind on this elected fellow, despite my obvious disapproval of his brand, his sophomoric attempt at a machiavellian  approach to politics had bothered me from the very onset.

Unlike those who can confortably salvage their principles by lowering of their standards to accommodate him (in the interest of " making America great again")I find it difficult  not seeing him as a dunce, con artist, bully and schidtster who would malign anyone into submission.

I choose to hang on to my  "French principles" while kneeling in prayer, with daily homilies that begs for a salvation and redemption.

Re: the White House brand"

>>>>>>>......My take is that too much time and effort is spent by pundits and talking heads in the media, analysing and hand-wring over the deeds and misdeeds of Dangerous Don and his Basket of Deplorables, who I understand will soon be making a fashion statement, modeling the White House wear line.

A bullying bull in a china shop, is no more than that. A rampaging animal that must be harnessed, spayed and put out to put out to pasture.<<<<<<<<

I seeeeee!

That may have been the reason why those "cases in the basket" saw his side of the green grass and thought is was a natural! They did not realize it was the "spaded" by-product of that 'spayed' animal, put out to pasture that gave the grass its hue.

And as it relates to that 'bullying bull' you mention, does its China shop designation come with the same biological attributes as if placed in a Wallmat showcase? Or does the latter requires a castration of some sort as a qualification?

Re: My Open Letter to Lady Liberty - by Downstreet - Feb 11, 2017 3:57pm