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Re: Selwin, Downstreet et al,The Signs of Time Are Here Again

>>>>>>>.....Are you suggesting, or so it seems, that White people only developed the propensity for White superiority because of Hitler<<<<<

No! Neither am I implying that and yes! you are reading me incorrectly.

I was only being careful not to paint with such a wide brush hence my qualification "that period in time had given rise....", meaning it was bought to the forefront in the context of contrasting the Hitler, WWII and the current US political situation we are facing.

This is in no way suggesting that race superiority did not exist prior to Hitler. In fact his mention of creating a " Master Race" implies that he too had recognized that superiority but wanted Germans to be at the helm. He saw them as being the underclass to the Jews in their own country and seized on that opportunity to rally his people towards that common "enemy".

>>>>No wonder I get infuriated when I hear the world making a big deal about the holocaust as though this was the very first time that man had turned against others in the name of hatred.<<<<<

Well we know that there were other holocausts prior to the Jewish experience, though varying in magnitude and degree of brutality. Our own Black experience ranks among them so too was the Cambodian, Armenian and the Rwandan to name a few, none of which had been given the same notoriety. So I share you pain on this one.

>>>>>>Have we forgotten the Sunday afternoons when a family outing in the South would be to watch a Black man get feathered and finally hung from a tree or lamp-post with little children watching the entire spectacle? How sickening can man be?<<<<<

No aguements on this one from me.


Re: Selwin, Downstreet et al,The Signs of Time Are Here Again

Verne, I thought that was what you meant to say, but your pronouncement "that period in time had given rise....", sure caused me to stand in my shoe and wonder.

Re: Selwin, Downstreet et al,The Signs of Time Are Here Again

Bro Vern, Selwyn has retired to ah cave in Fedon's Camp, until sanity returns to this Mad Mad Mad World.I feel your pain, which must have been exacerbated, by the recent rantings and signings of Dangerous Don, forcing you to exhume dark memories of your experiences in the Fourth Reich.I would not be overly alarmed by the idiotic blabbering of the Chump,who is destined like Icarus to fly too close to the sun, and get toasted in the process.

That he has glommed on to the white supremacy dogma is not surprising, that is generally what the baser elements of the Caucasian race do,What is alarming though, is that I perceive that like the Hitman, he seems to favor the Aryan strain. According to insiders, he is obsessed with the "looks, and physique of the individual, more than brain power and temperament.No wonder he dotes on Putin, and must have plastered the walls of his bedroom with Vladimir riding bareback on his horse.This might alo explain why Chris Christy got a dinner, but no job.

I recall reading about the poster boys for the Third Reich that graced the covers of the Feuers posters and magazines,in the 1940s, and the super athletes which were supposed to humble the world in the 1936 games,methinks dey kinda look like brudders,from udder mudders, just sayin.

To the Don and his disciples might is right, and brute force is strength. These graduates from the Stalinistic School of Diplomacy and Decorum, share a world view, summed up in the Chump"s, misogynistic video rant, about how he treats women, "Grab dem by de p-ssy and tung dem". But he does not stop there the dragnet is spread to trap and ensnare all those he considers to be weak. Non whites,the poor, immigrants,the handicapped, Mexicans, women, ad infinitum.

But the Bull in the China-shop will sooner than later be cornered. cornered by the 60% of Americans who cannot perceive of a life without, stemware,fine porcelain and Ming Dynasty vases. And when they do, he will either be reduced to corned beef, or grazing peacefully and ballslessly among the cows in the meadow wondering which of the two bathrooms he or she is allowed to use.