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Re: The Pont de L'anse; The Univetsite; The people

Cuzzin Verne, you need to take a chill pill,and relax, before you blow a gasket. If you were a practicing Catholic I would have suggested, that you break bush for the first church, and douse your head with a gallon of Holy Water. If you were on the L'anse, I would have suggested that you tie you head with saffron and asseffesita and drink a young, jelly coconut from a tree that Leader Gabriel planted in his his yard in Marran. If you were Downstreet, I would have that aspiring mixologist Selwyn, concoct his brain cooler special, made up of two shots of Rivers, one shot of Clarkes Court, and 10 drops of Jack Iron, shaken not stirred. But since you live in the Belly of the Beast, I would have to prescribe Prozac, extra strength.

Your bombastic tirade, laced with vitriol and defamation, against the genteel folk of the Southern Depradine, has done nothing but exposed your aversion to having your epidermis pierced by the slightest of verbal barbs. I always knew that you were tribal, now I know that you identify with the "Dia Tribe". In other words you like to " Juke ting" but in true Trumpian fashion, you resort to your primal Stone Age" predisposition, of throwing stones, aka, that ancient L'ansian sport, the "Ground Apple Toss", perfected on the crowded streets of the Upper Depradine on Saturday nights. Fortunately this ancient contest was not adopted by the Internal Olympic Committee and the bighearted people of Downstreet, allowed Kirani to train in Their park, and the rest is History.

I thank you, for laboriously schooling me, in the complex mores, and nuances of the Northside. You enlightened me about the true meaning of my adolescent life, and through your mentorship, I discovered with fresh eyes what my young eyes, "thought they were witnessing. Thank you cuzzin Vern, from the heart of my bottom. One of the things that I did learn from your Campus of North Western University though, is that one cannot effectively throw stones with two arms simultaneously, notwithstanding the dexterity of the thrower. It is counter-intuitive to express an image of violence, hostility and retribution, as the flavor of the North side, on one hand, and have the lipstick ready to pretty it up, in the other. You may not have noticed but I deliberately left out references to "stoning, and Gun Battle in my previous post. But since you brought them up, I guess thats"s heritage talking.

You expressed with great pride in your post, how Norsemen are imbued with God given talent to carve out niches to supplement our survivability skills, but right after that, you turned into Mr Hyde, or Donald Trump, issuing not so veiled threats to stone the church going Christians of the South side. Of course such a dastardly deed, would require reprisals, like the North has yet to Imagine. Our sanctions will be immediate, and draconian. For starters we will blow all bridges across the river Seine, cutting off access to the Post office, the Bank, The Park, The Pool, The Churches, The Market, St George's, even the Cemetery.. No food, no work, no Sunday prayers,no funerals, and most hurtful of all no money from Hingland Canadah an de USA. Jeez that is harsh. Oh and if you come to bring ting, you betta land in Pearls, it is Shorter.

Oh and cuzzin Vern, Selwyn is pissed, that you are scandalizing his good name, conflating that scalawag Downstreet, with an upstanding citizen like himself. He came down from Camp yesterday, and heard the bad news, whereupon he announced to everybody in the Shop, that he had a vision while at Fedon's Camp that Vern and Tony Dee, was one and the same person. Ah had to take one on dat.

Re: The Pont de L'anse; The Univetsite; The people

>>he announced to everybody in the Shop, that he had a vision while at Fedon's Camp that Vern and Tony Dee, was one and the same person.<<

What took you/Selwyn so long to find out the truth? He,he,he!!

Re: The Pont de L'anse; The Univetsite; The people

He was waiting for De Donald to introduce him to his world of "alternative facts" before he figure out that you and I are one of the same.

Now that he and Selwyn have worked clandestinely together to established the notion of "fake posts", anything goes.

Personally, I think our Northern Gatekeeper, Arthur should ban him but he too may have connection with "Selwyn Lasarge's Wicked Leaks" and may find a way to get in through the back door.

Re: The Pont de L'anse; The Univetsite; The people

Verne you going to make me belly buss, fus ah laffin.
HA! HA! HA! HA! AND HA! Is the goodly gentleman suggesting that King Arthur issue an executive order banning Downstreeters from this site? Is it true? eh? Is it true?
Selwyn used to ah song, that he uded to play on the Jukebox in Cell Block' that went like dis."Tell dem do so doh like so, Bam bah yo! Bam bah yo!"