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Re: “Somebody else’s babies”(?)

>>Both Duke and King followers harbor  sentiments that come from the reality that civilization had left them behind with their arrogance of false superiority complex, hence their continued grunting in our ears.<<

That's precisely the problem with those people. Reality has indeed left them behind, but to assuage their supposed importance, they still have to cling to and talk about their self imposed sense of superiority.
While there was definitely no original attempt to include Black people within "We the people" there was no way that preclusion could continue forever. How could it when so many, many Africans were brought here to serve and live among them? Unless White men had the stamina to leave slave women alone, and White women would never yield to the temptation of Jungle Fever, and slavery would last forever, that white man's thing was doomed to failure from the start never mind how long it took. Sooner or later inclusion for their own women and every one else had to be a fact of life in America as it is today.

One of these good days those purist supremacists would eventually recognize the stupidity of their beliefs. Whether they like it or not the times are changing, and the demands to live up to the spirit of the written constitution that they so revere, had to come to fruition in the long run. That's what is killing them!